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Bulk Shampoo & Shower Gel
Polysorbate 20 (Solubilizer) 

Polysorbate 20 is a gentle, non-irritating, non-toxic solubilizer.

What's a solubilizer?
A solubilizer is necessary to emulsify fragrance and essential oils with various bases -- most commonly shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, and creams and lotions.
What happens if I don't use a solubilizer?
You'll get a yucky, stringy, opaque, mucous-y mess. The result is unusable, and unsellable.
Oooh, ishy! How do I use the Polysorbate 20?
Combine equal amounts of Polysorbate 20 and the essential and/or fragrance oils you plan to use. Combine well, and add while stirring gently to your base (lotion, shower gel, etc.). If the base has thickened noticeably, add more Polysorbate 20 as needed.

INCI Name: Polysorbate 20

Flashpoint: >500* F
8oz - $7.95
16oz - $11.00
2lbs - $18.95
1 gallon - $65.95
Stephenson Organic Body Wash 

Our Stephenson's Organic Body Wash Base contains a natural liquid soap base derived from organic oils, blended with gentle surfactant and skin- enhancing ingredients. It contains 81.98% organic ingredients. Clear to pale yellow in color, it simply requires the addition of fragrance and can readily be thickened with salt.

The Organic Body Wash Base not only helps protect the environment from intensive farming methods and chemical treatment of natural ingredients, but also passes these benefits directly to your skin.

Product Benefits: Contains a true liquid soap derived from Certified Organic sunflower and coconut oils
Blended with gentle surfactants that are approved by the Soil Association, to provide masses of creamy lather
Contains organic glycerin and a skin re-fatting ingredient derived from Palm Kernel, to provide a pleasant skin feel
A fully formulated base that only requires the addition of fragrance or essential oils, and color, if desired
Vegetable origin
This liquid soap base is easily thickened, if desired, by adding table salt (sodium chloride). To gain organic certification use salt tablets with no anti-caking agent.
Allows production of a Certified Organic Body Wash, if converter/ filler have organic certification.

Usage Guidelines:
Processing Notes (PLEASE READ)

Gently stir the base while adding the other additives
Always test a small sample BEFORE moving on to larger amounts.
Base and additives should be at about the same temperature. Keep an eye out for layering within the liquid.
Be advised that certain fragrances and essential oils may cause clouding when added to this body wash, in which case you may want to use opaque (non-transparent) bottles.
Let mixture sit for at least 48 hours to check for separation.

Stephenson's Organic Certification:
This Organic Body Wash Base has the organic certification by the Soil Association (UK) that states it contains 81.98% organic ingredients. Soil Association organic certification ensures the integrity of the products in relation to the environmental impact of their farming and the long -term sustainability of the crops. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are permitted in the growing of the crop. The same stringent controls apply in the extraction and refining of the oils from the crop, for example no bleaching or chemical distillation is permitted. It should be noted that this product is not considered 100% Organic, as some raw materials are not available in the Organic variety. This Organic Body Wash Base was manufactured under ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

INCI Ingredients:
Organic Potassium Cocoate
Organic Potassium Oleate
Lauryl Betaine
Organic Glycerin
Benzyl Alcohol
Potassium Palm Kernelate
Palm Kernel Acid
Decyl Glucoside
Potassium Citrate

The potassium oleate comes from the saponification of organic sunflower oil, the potassium cocoate comes from saponification of organic coconut oil, and the glycerin from the saponification of both the organic sunflower oil and organic coconut oil.

Shelf Life: Minimum 1 year from date of purchase.
2lbs - $7.25
8 lbs - $24.95
Stephenson Organic Multi-Purpose Liquid Castile Soap 

A natural liquid soap base that simply requires the addition of fragrance (and color, if desired).

Product Benefits

* A true liquid soap
* Contains no surfactants
* Vegetable origin
* Has a natural clear pale amber color
* Requires only the addition of fragrance and color

Why use a true liquid soap?

There are many skin cleansing preparations available and many are sold as "soap." This may be misleading as true soap is the product derived from natural oil and fats. Some "soaps" are in fact synthetic detergents and may be derived from crude petroleum. Even detergents derived from "natural" fatty alcohols are far from "natural." So-called "natural" fatty alcohols certainly use natural fatty oils or fats as starting materials but they are then heavily processed to convert them to alcohols. The alcohols are then further reacted chemically with things like ethylene oxide and sulphuric acid. The end products are far from natural and they certainly aren't soap!

So how is soap made? As soapmakers know, fatty oils are heated with a neutralizing alkali such as sodium hydroxide for solid soap, or potassium hydroxide for liquid soap. A reaction takes place in which the alkali is neutralized by the oil to produce soap, and glycerin is split off from the oil. In our organic liquid castile soap, the glycerin is left in the soap, where it is available to act as a moisturizing humectant. And that's it: no further processing, no high-energy chemical reactions, no toxic ethylene oxide, no corrosive sulphuric acid.

If desired, this liquid soap base can be thickened by adding common table salt. This base is amazingly gentle and non-drying, and can be used as hand soap, household soap, or as a body wash.

INCI Ingredients:
Potassium Oleate
Potassium Cocoate
Potassium Palm Kernelate
Palm Kernel Acid
Potassium Citrate

The potassium oleate comes from the saponification of organic sunflower oil, the potassium cocoate comes from saponification of organic coconut oil, and the glycerin from the saponification of both the organic sunflower oil and organic coconut oil.

Shelf Life: Minimum 1 year from date of purchase.
2lbs - $7.25
8 lbs - $24.95
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